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A very nifty utility to extract all your compressed files
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Do you use various utility programs to handle different types of archived files like .zip, .rar etc? Well, Unziplify is here to provide a one-step solution to all such needs. It is a pretty neat program which handles both the widely used 'zip' and 'rar' archive types, and also the lesser known 'ace' type.
The operation is straightforward; you only need to right-click on a folder containing all your archived files, and select 'unziplify' from the context menu. All the uncompressed files are stored in a sub folder within the main folder. The decompression is done at a very high speed, as I was able to decompress about 30 MB of compressed data , a collection of zip, rar, ace files, in about 8 seconds. The performance may of course vary, depending on the level of compression and the number of compressed files. The location of uncompressed files, and whether to overwrite existing files with similar names, is configurable via the options menu. The program can only be invoked via the context menu by right clicking a folder, and hence doesn't have any user interface of its own. A help file is provided explaining the working of the application along with all the configurable options. The application may come very handy while unzipping/decompressing a lot of files at one go, irrespective of their types. However, Unziplify is not a complete replacement of any other archive utility. It does not provide any option to create an archive from a group of files. Moreover, it is also not possible to extract selected files from within an archived file.

maitri shah
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  • Handles zip, rar, ace file types
  • One-click extraction from folder
  • High speed of decompression/extraction
  • Small size(about 250 KB after installation)


  • Cannot extract specific files from within an archive
  • Cannot create an archive file of its own
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